A meeting of two very talented minds provides the backdrop to the duo known as Faul & Wad. Over the last four years they have enjoyed individual success, combining their skills in 2012 to form a potent creative partnership that has resulted in their musical prowess being employed by Mercedes, Lykke Li and Galantis playing high-profile events like TomorrowWorld (Atlanta), Pukkelpop (Belgium), Solidays (Paris), Kaballah Festival (Brasil) and Nature One (Germany). The Frenchmen are just getting started, with youth on their side and a desire to continue pushing their limits, reaching for the highest heights and making the very best music for people to dance to, the story is only just beginning…


Faul fell in love with music when he was eight years old, taking piano lessons, which gave him a firm grounding in composition and understanding the universal power of frequency. Meanwhile, Wad learned violin at the age of 10, again, this was a key moment in his life, when an appreciation for rhythm and melody entered his subconscious, staying with him until this very day.


The two men continued to follow music throughout their formative years, and they became best friends at high school. They spent all their spare time exchanging ideas and philosophies about music, listening to favourites, introducing each other to new artists and building the foundation for their dynamic production partnership. Inspired by the French touch pioneers; Ed Banger, Justice and house kings such as Fred Falke and Alan Braxe, Faul & Wad started to make music of their own.


Faul’s turning point came when his track ‘Happy Endings’ was released online and notched up more than 10 million views on YouTube, an incredible feat for an independent French artist.

Finally, after maintaining separate careers, they came together in 2012 deciding that they should combine their love for warm, natural sounds and work together. Faul & Wad was formed and it was only a short time before their first big hit. ‘Changes’, which featured Australian group PNAU. Three years and almost 50 million views later, the boys have become the go-to pair for anyone seeking a fresh, sunkissed take on their music. Remix requests have flown in and they even had ‘Changes’ signed up by Mercedes as the soundtrack to one of their advertising campaigns for the C-Class.


Their success lies in staying true to their belief in melody and emotive sounds, there are no big breakdowns and snare rolls in the music Faul & Wad makes. It’s full of sunshine, a perfect soundtrack for the summer and ideal for brightening a gloomy day.


The duo has travelled the world spreading their tropical-inspired sound to hundreds of thousands of party people along the way. From the native France and throughout Europe to the United States and South America, Faul & Wad have touched a long list clubs and cities on their quest to keep true house music alive, and that list continues to grow.


No doubt, Faul & Wad’s dedication to beauty in their music, transmitting positive vibes to everybody and promoting an energetic party atmosphere will keep them on the road to success. It’s only been a short time but Faul & Wad have all the hallmarks of a legendary duo. Stay tuned for their next exciting move…

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